5 Shocking Scenes Captured From Student Parties In Nigeria (With Pictures & Video)


Student Parties In Nigeria: Nigerian students are now known for No-Chill parties, the ladies are the most anxious whenever there is a breaking gist of an upcoming party and they are the most vulnerable after taking few cups of drinks, some can’t even stand a bottle yet they go for bottlessss3,4,5,6, then the drama will start, they misbehave and do the unthinkable!. Recently, 1 lady died and one went unconscious in a departmental party in Lagos State University (LASU), you will see the story as you read on.

1. Two Female Students lock lips in public during a broad-day light party in South-South part of Nigeria.

The most surprising aspect of this incidence is that they are not high on alcohol, the drinks with one of them looks like Amstel Malta, so this was not an unconscious action, they were proudly disgracing themselves publicly

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